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The Grinalds Group understands the challenges that leaders in colleges and universities face. The tensions that come from necessary change, the limitations of budgets, the competing demands of different constituents and the need to remain focused on a vision are factors that combine to make leadership in education one of the most challenging professions. 

We also understand that college leadership is fulfilling in a way possible with few other careers because of the potential it offers to shape the future through the education of tomorrow’s leaders. 

In the always-changing arena of higher education, presidents, provosts
and senior leaders must weigh the impact of their choices on many constituents. Good leaders realize that self-reflection and independent advice are absolutely essential to reaching sound decisions.

Collectively, the members of the Grinalds Group have more than a century of leadership experience in higher education and independent schools. We understand the unique nature of college cultures and want to serve the educational community by offering independent, thoughtful analyses of issues that institutions face.

We offer services to college presidents and senior staff who need an independent perspective on leadership issues.  Our services include

  • CEO Feedback – a confidential assessment of a president’s leadership style.
  • Presidential Confidant – a confidential evaluation of difficult issues exclusively for college presidents.
  • Special Projects Consulting  – Guidance in such areas as managing budget reductions, leadership in education, working with boards and governing bodies, managing facilities projects and addressing collegiate athletic issues.

We will be happy to explore ways that we can help you approach a specific issue or assist with leadership development opportunities. Initial consultations are free, confidential and without obligation.

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