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August 18, 2008

The Grinalds Group Develops Higher Education Consulting Service

Charleston, SC – A group of colleagues who believe their experiences could benefit other institutions has formed the Grinalds Group. Led by John Grinalds, a man who brought The Citadel through a period of dramatic change, The Grinalds Group will assist colleges, universities and independent schools with issues relating to leadership and administrative challenges.  

The central service of The Grinalds Group will be a CEO Feedback Program that helps college presidents and senior administrators become more effective leaders. Other services include assisting institutions going through transitions in leadership or other significant change; managing major budget reductions; and dealing with specific issues related to academic leadership, communications, facilities management and athletics.

John S. Grinalds, a Rhodes Scholar, retired Marine major general and the 18th president of The Citadel, is the president and CEO.  Other members of The Grinalds Group include Curt Holland, Les Robinson, Harry Carter, Don Tomasik and Patricia McArver. Collectively the members have more than a century of experience in higher education.

“Strong leaders understand the value of personal development and constructive assessments,” Grinalds said of the CEO Feedback Program. “While college presidents receive regular feedback from their governing boards, it is often more difficult for them to get unvarnished evaluations of their leadership strengths and weaknesses from those who report to them. The Grinalds Group will assist with confidential reviews to help a college leader understand his or her leadership style and to become even more effective in working with the senior management team.”

The group will provide short-term assistance to institutions facing specific challenges. “Members of The Grinalds Group have experienced the gamut of issues facing leaders in higher education,” Grinalds said. “Our goal is to provide a service to others based on what we have learned.”

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