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There are times when a college president is the loneliest person on campus. Even though he or she is surrounded by a group of trusted advisers, an issue may surface that is so delicate or controversial that there is no one to help think through the issues. Perhaps a president is facing a personnel issue of a highly sensitive nature, a decision with major ramifications for the institution that cannot be prematurely vetted, or some sense of uncertainty that is unwise to share to those who report to that office.  

As a former college president, John Grinalds understands the isolation that a president can feel in facing a particularly difficult decision.

Because of his experience and understanding, Grinalds can serve as a neutral but informed confidential advisor to help a president sort through the issues. If necessary or appropriate, Grinalds can also draw upon the experience and recommendations of his team who collectively have more than a century of experience in higher education.




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