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We don’t see ourselves as others see us. Yet a wise leader understands that self-knowledge is essential to good leadership. Effective leaders must consider their own predispositions and biases. Unfortunately, we are often unaware of tendencies that may impair our effectiveness but are readily apparent to others around us. That is why the Grinalds Group developed the CEO Feedback Program for college presidents and other senior leaders who want to further develop their leadership abilities. 

How the CEO Feedback Program works
We will talk with your senior staff about the importance you place on being an effective leader and will assure everyone involved in the process that their comments will be held in absolute confidence. Then members of the Grinalds Group will interview key senior leaders to develop a profile of your leadership style. Using the information we obtain, we will provide you with a general report that notes strengths and possible blind spots, and suggests ways to enhance your effectiveness. 

Your interest in better understanding the impact of your leadership style says volumes about your confidence and your dedication to continuous improvement.  Our role as a disinterested third party can give you an unvarnished perspective on your leadership style. While you may be surprised at what some on your senior staff perceive as your strengths or weaknesses, this information will equip you to grow as a leader and deal more effectively with the challenges you face.

If desired, the Grinalds Group can return 18 months to two years later for a follow-up confidential assessment – an option that could be particularly helpful to new presidents or institutions undergoing a change in leadership.



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